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  • Barenaturals up for 'New Business of the Year' & 'Green Business of the Year' awards

      Awesome news was announced on Monday that we've been short listed for not one but two! top level awards; New Business of the Year and Green Business of the Year in the prestigious Free2Network Business Awards, for our organic skincare rang...

  • Life in harmony discovers cob oven

      Barenaturals Life in Harmony blog series discovers the amazing world of Permaculture, exploring how a growing movement of passionate people are doing their bit to change the world. First up in the series Cob It founder and permaculture designe...

  • The Norwegian military switches to vegetarian diet to combat global warming

      Norway never shy of leading the way forward, has announced that for one day a week the boys and girls will have a completely vegetarian menu. The program has been introduced to combat the environmental threat of global warming and provide heal...

  • Is natural organic skincare really any better for you?

      You may have heard something about the benefits of natural organic skincare or you may have heard its a load of ol'nonsense. So here is a quick round-up comparison of the two. Natural and organic products are made with carefully nurtured ingre...

  • Have you SEEN what these celebrities are doing?

    5 Top Sexy Influential Eco Warriors Here are five of the most influential and green conscious celebrity eco WARRIORS who are very active in their quest for a better world 1. LEONARDO DICAPRIO Sexy? Yes. Green? Well, not literally. Green conscious? ...

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