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Healing Jewellery: A Guide to Crystal Healing

So you've bought one of our healing jewellery pieces? Congratulations! You’ve taken a giant stride to explore the benefits of healing crystals! However, you need a practical guide in your hands to help you in your journey towards the effective use of healing crystals and gemstones in your daily life.

What you should know before the therapy:

  • Anyone who maintains an open mind can make use of the therapy.
  • The healing gemstones work best within your proximity
  • The crystal healing process shouldn't be misused as it can mess up the chakra system thereby leading to some undesired physical manifestations like stiffness, headaches, and soreness.
  • Your crystal therapy should be tailored to your individuality. Single size doesn’t fit all and your sensitivity to the crystal energy isn’t the same as others.
  • The outcomes may be immediate and dramatic, or it could take place over a longer duration.
  • Your principles and expectations also play a big role in the energizing your body. Moreover, you may need some energetic detoxification and unblocking of barriers or negative energies for the therapy to take effect.
  • It is imperative to seek a qualified healing stone therapist who can effectively utilize his/her self-awareness while interacting with the patient/client. Such an experienced therapist will also be in a better position to mitigate the side effects of this therapy in cases of crystal healing catharsis.
  • Once you notice any odd feeling, then it’s time to use your healing crystals and set your chakra system right so you can start enjoying its balancing, energizing and cleansing benefits afresh.
  • Although the healing process supports the soul during therapy, in case healing does not occur, then it’s likely the incarnated soul is using the illness as a learning experience or for the acquisition of certain qualities.

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Types of healing gemstones:

Below are some popular healing crystals and semiprecious stones:

Amazonite - This natural crystal clears all negative thoughts, self-doubts and restores balance.

Howlite - A go-to stone for the better understanding of yourself, and life in general, to clear your mind.

Amethyst - This crystal harnesses a relaxing energy that can counteract the day’s stress.

Agate - This healing stone depicts stability as it gives the wearer a sense of situational awareness.

Black Tourmaline - It’s a powerful protective stone that helps to eliminate negative energy. 

Clear Quartz - This gemstone of illumination is synonymous with clarity as it links all the seven chakra points to achieve a more stable chakra system. 

Smoky Quartz - This quartz cuts out your fear, jealousy, and anger.

Rose Quartz - This stone keeps your heart on your sleeve and opens your heart chakra for love.

Lava Rock - The lava stone is used in dissipating anger and helps to enhance fertility.

Aventurine - Aventurine targets abundance by giving the user a whimsical energy to gain more through intuition.  

Garnet - This is a healing crystal that focuses on the vitality and arouses a vibrant force for the execution of daily tasks.

Citrine - It’s an energizing crystal with radiating power that helps to maintain confidence. It also helps with manifestation and abundance of finances!

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