Garden party? Lettuce Turnip the Beet!

Free chart: A guide to keeping your veg happy!
After a fair few fabulous days in the sun, we’ve got all giddy with our garden and decided that yes, this year really is the year. Our beautiful beets and tasty tomatoes are going to be better than ever. So we needed a plan. Something we could stick to that would keep us on track. Then right on thyme… one of the Barenaturals bunch just happened to create this awesome chart for you to use. [caption id="attachment_791" align="aligncenter" width="361"] Pin it and win![/caption] Follow this guide and your veg is sure to turnip the goods right when they’re supposed to. Keep in mind though, the dates are for us in the UK so it is geographically dependent. But as a general rule, if your garden is warmer, you can start your seedlings earlier and vice-versa. **Do not need to start indoors. Don’t forget we have an Organic Hand Salve for keeping your hands in tiptop condition after your toil in the soil. Want to know why we leek to grow? Read why here: Eat Your Lawn Dominique CroftAuthor: Dominique Croft (Linkedin) Dominique loves the world she lives in and loves to help others. You can find her here, here & here: (Google +, Instagram, and Twitter) Her blog can be found at DominiqueCroft. She's a proud ambassador for Barenaturals. (Editor’s note: Sorry for the cheese on cheese)
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