Learn Mindfulness Meditation with the Help of Essential Oils in Natural Candles

According to many of today’s leading medical authorities, meditation is good for you. “Meditation balances the body’s systems,” WebMD states. The Mayo Clinic promises that meditation can help you “take a stress-reduction break wherever you are.”  Harvard Medical School holds out meditation as a pathway to “ease anxiety, mental stress.” And if meditation alone is good for you, there is an increasing body of research to suggest that adding a natural candle infused with essential oils to your meditation practice is even better. Trataka, or focus on a candle flame or single point, has long been a recognized pathway to focusing the mind (developing mindfulness) and deepening the meditative experience. In the same way, the use of essential oils is now known to stimulate nerves in the nose in many beneficial ways depending on the oils selected. Here, it becomes easy to see how combining barenaturals candles infused with the right blend of pure essential oils could enhance your meditation practice. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), aromatherapy (the use of essential volatile oils for health and wellness purposes) has now been proven to positively impact mental health and wellness in research study participants and medical patients alike. The use of essential oils such as sandalwood, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, patchouli, basil and ginger, among many others, is now a familiar and welcome part of complementary medical therapy for patients battling health issues ranging from migraine headaches to cancer. But using commercial candles scented synthetically so that they will smell like essential oils will not deliver the same positive results for patient healing or in meditation – or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, these candles are more likely to have just the opposite effect. Over the past few years, medical professionals and advocacy groups have become increasingly concerned about the toxic chemicals that form the foundation of many of today’s so-called “natural” scents. For example, that so-called “lavender” candle you burned during yesterday’s meditation session may not have any actual lavender in it at all! Instead, as you were breathing deeply in and out to ready yourself to meditate, you may have instead been taking in any number of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, including diethyl phthalate and musk ketone, which have been implicated in damaged sperm and contaminated breast milk, respectively. Other toxins known to reside inside innocent-smelling chemical “fragrances” include parabens (known hormone interrupters) and phthalates (confirmed carcinogens that are linked to liver and kidney damage as well as reproductive defects). The moral of this story is, if you are serious enough about your meditation goals to begin a daily practice, even going so far as to select just the right candles and other aids to help you deepen your practice, it just makes sense that you would only want to breathe in the purest natural and organic essential oils during your meditation sessions. Unlike synthetic “fragrances,” some of which are even labeled “inspired by (fill in the blanks) fragrance or essential oil,” the use of natural candles with authentic organic essential oils will nourish and center both your body and your mind as you meditate. Once you are paying attention, you will be able to easily feel the difference between using toxic chemical candles and choosing world friendly barenaturals eco candles for your meditation sessions instead. When you can trust the meditation supports you choose, knowing they are created with your highest good in mind, you will feel more connected and compassionate toward yourself and all of life. With the support of natural essential oils and the purity of an organic eco candle flame as your guide, you can go on a meditation adventure, learning exciting new things about yourself and your own potential every day.
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