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It’s back…

You’ve seen the dog bouncing on a trampoline.

You’ve seen Kevin the Carrot, and his slightly disturbing moustache, dancing on a roast dinner.

And you know, any minute now, that long chain of red lorries will be on your TV screen.

Barenaturals Christmas Candle Blog - Coca Cola red lorries

Christmas with a Barenaturals Candles, what could be better?

Yup, that’s right folks; Christmas is coming!!!

So what do you buy someone who has everything?

How do you avoid the mysterious gravitational pull – a force like no other in December – towards Terry’s Chocolate Orange, socks, and the Lynx Africa gift set?

Why, shopping for the wife, do so many men yet again perform the ignominious ritual of finding themselves in the lingerie section of M&S, guessing the size, and/or risking a lawsuit by measuring up against a female store assistant ?

Well, this blog is going to save you, for I have your solution; I have a plan so cunning, you could dress it in a Santa outfit, stick a tail on it, and call it a fox.

Barenaturals Best Christmas Gift Candle Blog The answer, ladies and gents, is candles

Not convinced? Well the UK is the biggest scented candle market in Europe so, face it, the candle is everyone’s secret, match-lit friend.

And at Christmas, there’s no better time to have the X Factor when it comes to such a popular and evidently well-received gift.

So here are four reasons why Barenaturals’ candles will bring you a very merry Christmas.

Barenaturals Christmas Candles Naturals Wax1. A Candle with a Conscience

Barenaturals candles aren’t your usual wax and wick; they have a story, a purpose, and a legacy.

They are made with plant-based oils, rather than fossil fuels, and, true to their make-up, each one purchased will lead to a tree being planted in an area of deforestation.

Feel free to give yours a name; how about the lucky recipient?

Barenaturals Best Christmas Gift Candle - Fresh Snow

2. Freedom from Brussels

Let’s face it. Christmas is a timely reminder that your home can pong a little.

Why bother with a smelly candle?

Answer that when the aroma of l’eau de brussel sprout spreads around your lounge!

Stylish, affordable, atmospheric, and warming, candles are perfect for when guests visit your home en masse – and the inevitable effects of copious amounts of food and drink take hold.Barenaturals Best Christmas Gift Candle Blog - Frankincense

3. Dim the Lights…

Soothing, calming, and comforting; what’s not to like.

With various scents to choose from, potentially evoking a range of happy memories, how can romance not be on the cards?

Switch your phone off – even though our candles are good looking and selfie-friendly.

Barenaturals candles are slow burning and extra long-lasting.

Thank us later.

Barenaturals Best Christmas Candle Hot Chocolate


4. The Rise of the Mandle

Candles are just for girls, right?


Man’s best-kept secret so far this decade, all thanks to the internet and ‘discreet packaging’.

Think about it, men just love a quick fix: a phone with apps for just about anything; a man drawer that holds just about everything; and, with odours to hide and a mood to set for the fairer sex…?

Boom. Secret weapon engaged: the scented ‘mandle’ 

Still, just make sure he’s not unwrapping said present down the pub or when the lads are around…

Barenaturals Best Christmas Gift Candle So there you have it.

Don’t burn the candle at both ends with your Christmas shopping this year.

If you’re not lighting any candles, don’t complain about being in the dark 

Enjoy the Barenaturals range, and put a smile on your loved ones’ faces with a great gift this Christmas.

Barenaturals Candy Cane Natural Wax Candle

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