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10 Fun Hobbies for Women That You Can Start Now

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Keep the blues away. don't be bored again.


Having a hobby makes our lives fun and lighter. Having something to do after a hard day's work will help you feel more relaxed and enjoy your days, even the most laborious ones. 

A hobby will benefit your mental health and increase your happiness, increasing your performance in your personal relationships and at work.

Let’s jump into the list we assembled to help you find your next hobby and start having all the benefits of it.


1. Start a Book Club

Why stop with just reading a good book? 

As we age, we tend to read less and less. This happens for many different reasons and we often get distracted and busy with life leaving the good habits in the past. A good way to bring them back is to team up with other people who have the same interest. 

Starting a book club will help you not only keep accountable for your new hobby but will give you a group of people with whom you can discuss the topics you’re diving in.


2. Flower Arranging

We all love beautiful spaces, so why not learn to bring more of this to your life? Flowers are perfect to be given as a gift as well. Creating beautiful arrangements also does have a strong impact on mental health and happiness.
You’ll benefit from such welcoming warmth around your home too.

Flower arranging can be a wonderfully rewarding hobby and don't knock it until you try it.

3. Candle Making

Candles have a great calming power besides the decoration used. Humans and the calming relaxing beauty of that 'something primal' go back a long way, hundreds of thousands of years to put a time on it (I have no idea).

Crafting it will require easy-to-find supplies and will be worthwhile once you have your own candle, exactly as you desired it to be.

Crafting candles is also handy when it comes to the fact that you can give them as gifts, saving you money in the long run and giving you a lot of fun right away.

We compiled a strong list of unique ways to light a candle without a lighter too.

Just in case you ever get court without a lighter but still haven’t found much use for your pet dragon. We've got you, glad we could help :)


4. Start A Scrapbook

In the olden days we used to print our pictures to make the moments last forever. In this digital era, we no longer do that. The idea of starting a scrapbook is to rescue this feeling of holding a piece of some of your best memories while you can express yourself through it.

Pinterest is a great online scrapbook and you can get going straight away if you’re feeling inspired.
You might need to get inspired for ideas too, but don't forget to check out number 7 on our list first!


5. Bake Bread


Baking is an ancient art but this doesn’t mean it stays stuck in the past. Once you dive into it you’ll find out an incredible world of different techniques and flavours.
But be careful!
A moment on the lips can be a lifetime on the hips.
You’ve been warned!


6. Get Your Music On


Cranking up the music and delving into music you used to love or some new tunes you’ve allowed to escape your attention is a fantastic way to unwind and let the endorphins run riot.
Find your happy place or even boost your energy by flicking through the huge catalogues of music now found online.
You’ll soon find the stresses of life melt away and re-energise you for a mindful reset to challenge anything life can throw your way.


7. Take Up Photography


These days getting an expensive camera shouldn’t be the most important thing to consider for great photography and most people have a pretty decent camera sitting in their pocket or handbag at all times of the day.
Take advantage of that and begin your new journey to finding that excellent shot that only you’ve been there to see. Allowing others to see what you see can be extremely rewarding when you have an eye for details.
And in time get to grips with the advanced version and show people what you can really do when gifting yourself an awesome camera. There’s a huge amount to learn!

Not all photographers were created equal and you will find some unique perspectives.


8. Get Green Fingers


Turn your hand to the garden or even find a local allotment near you. You’ll find most areas in the UK have a huge variety of allotments if you’re short on space. But even so, there’s still a wide variety of ideas you can find for balconies and window sills, so space shouldn’t hold you back if you like the idea of living the good life.
Bees are in short supply each year and rewarding them with the most beautiful of displays can be immensely rewarding.
A year round hobby can have you plotting (pun intended) and scheming your way happily back to nature in no time. But make sure you research what plants are best for you and your space. A jungle in your living room might be the answer for some people. But [perhaps not practical when you want to kick back and watch something in the evening.


9. Create Your own Jewellery 


Crafting your own jewellery can be a massively rewarding experience. A great talking point for friends. Express your own personality into something that you’ve poured love and time into and get that perfect piece. Using techniques and materials that show off your personality and then wear it.

People might even ask you to make some for them too, once you get the hang of it.

10. Get Writing  


Everyone has a good book in them waiting to come out. You’re no different and your story may be desperate to be told. Get writing today and be kind to yourself when doing so, no one appreciates that heavy critic. Especially you. 

If you’re not adept at writing a novel then don’t be disheartened, nobody is when they start out.
So grab a pen or flip open the laptop and get writing straight away. You never know you could be the next J.K Rowling or Jane Austen and you’re keeping it to yourself.
So share your book and love the process and discover what that book is you’ve been hiding from the world.


We hope we sent your creative juices racing and hinted some ideas. 
If you feel there's anything we missed out then don't hesitate to leave a comment below. We love to hear your stories and suggestions.

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