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5 Natural skincare tricks celebrities use to ensure flawless skin

Beautiful, blemish-free, and flawless skin - sounds like a dream. We all want that perfect glow but our everyday stressful lives suppress that in every way possible. Then how do these celebrities achieve such flawless skin?

It’s not like they don’t have stressful lives. Just like the rest of us, the most gorgeous celebrities can suffer from acne and wrinkles as well. We talked to a bunch of world-renowned estheticians and dermatologists and asked them the same question, and they revealed some secret yet simple tricks that celebrities use to ensure radiant and flawless skin. 

There is no magic eraser that can instantly get rid of all your acne and wrinkles to give you smooth skin. But you can take some reasonable steps to ensure that your complexion glows brighter and feels softer. Here's their top advice on how to get clear skin—or at least clearer skin—for free. 


1. Face Massage

 Celebrity skin care tips for flawless skin, face massage


Got puffy eyes and fine lines? You can either stock up on beauty and anti-aging creams, or you can just use your fingers to gently massage your face and stimulate circulation. This will not only minimize fine lines, reduce inflammation, and stimulate collagen but also activate the skincare products you apply to your face. 


2. Cold Water


Celebrity skin care tips for flawless skin splash face with cold water


Rinse your face with ice water. It’s probably the simplest yet the most effective advice you will ever get to ensure beautiful skin. Washing your face with cold water makes your skin feel awake, tightens it, reduces puffiness, and calms inflammation. 


3. Pillowcase


Celebrity skincare tips for flawless skin, use a Barenaturals silk pillowcase


Listen carefully, pillowcases can hold onto dirt, bacteria, and oil from your face and hair. Dirty pillowcases can become a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. So make it your top priority to keep your pillowcases clean to avoid the risk of breakouts. We recommend using Barenaturals Touch silk pillowcase which not only helps ward off wrinkles but also makes your hair shinier. It soft and also stays creaseless which means that it keeps your beauty products from escaping your skin. 


4. Drink Your Water


Celebrity skincare tips for flawless skin, drink more water


You have all heard the mantra of drinking eight glasses of water a day to ensure flawless skin but the best water that you can get to keep your skin cells hydrated comes from fruits and vegetables. Get hydrated from raw fruits and vegetables like cucumbers,  avocados, apricots, spinach, and mangoes. It boosts antioxidants, nutrients, and fibre in your body to give your skin the glow you have always wanted. 


5. Sunscreen


Celebrity skin care tips for flawless skin, use sunscreen


Never ever skip your sunscreen while stepping out in the sun. This is the single best preventive measure to avoid premature aging. All the other efforts listed above will be wasted if you don’t protect your skin from the sun. It is a simple product that is often overlooked so keep it in your handbag and apply it 30 minutes before you head out.

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