Darcey Croft

7 Ways To Get A Better Nights Rest

Getting a good night of sleep depends also on what happens before you go to bed.

Simple things, like having a night routine can increase the quality of your sleep. Read on and learn our step-by-step routine to help you relax and feel energised every day.

1. Turn off all the screens

Our body functions are guided by the sunlight. The blue/white light we receive from the screens makes our body think that it’s still day, even at night so the brain is confused whether it should start sleeping procedures or not.   

Besides the light, when we use a device such as a smartphone, we are highly stimulated and this also makes it tougher for our brain to understand that we should sleep.

2. Read a book or enjoy other hobbies

When you stop using your smartphone until late, you will realise you actually have a lot of free time you could enjoy reading or use for a hobby that you have. 

This will not only relax you but will also help to build more neural connections in your brain. 

3. Have a herbal tea

    The third step is to have a hot cup of herbal tea that will help you to relax, such as lavender, chamomile or verbena. 

     Make this your moment to think about the day and let the tension go away, feel every muscle of your body relaxing.

    4. Have a hot, relaxing bath

    To deepen your relaxation the fourth step is to have a hot bath with the scent of lavender and lights off. 

    Feel every smell, feel the water on your body and keep the relaxation going by focusing on every muscle and thinking about relaxing them. 

    5. Plan your next day

      A lot of your anxiety comes from thinking on the next day in an unordered way. This makes us think that there is more to do and that we won’t be able to do so. 

      When you finish your day planning the next one you take the mess from your mind and put it into the paper your brain understands that all your activities are doable and you are more likely to complete them. 

      6. Go to bed and meditate or read a book

        Meditating is a well-known relaxation technique and is a good practice to relax both mind and body. There are many types from which you can choose and apps that you can use to guide you in your practice. Try the deep sleep meditation at Mothermind to get started. 

        If you follow this routine you’ll feel your sleep quality increasing from day one. But it’s ok if including them all in your routine at once feels overwhelming, just go on your own pace and include what’s doable at first.

        7. Create a comforting place to rest

        The importance of environment is often overlooked by the sleep starved. But by reassuring your senses, using thermoregulated, soft and sensual fabrics to sleep on can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. Choose a sleep health pillowcase like Barenaturals Silk Pillowcase to lay your head down on and create a soothing comforting environment to lull you into a blissful nights sleep. 

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