Darcey Croft

8 Of The Worlds Best Ethical Brands

As featured today in Buzzfeed:

The winds of change are blowing and with them come a new kind of ethically aware, socially responsible business looking to do good. Long gone are the days of Wall Street wolves, when corporate behemoths just took, took, took and gave noting backs. Today, responsibility and charity are increasingly looking like the ways to success in the business world. Here are eight examples of the businesses that give back more than any others.


This world friendly candle company knows that nature has a lot to give and that it sometimes needs a little help in return. By planting 10 trees every candle sold, Barenaturals is getting right down to the bare bones of what nature needs from us. Trees are beautiful. Trees are habitats. Trees clean our air and neutralise pollution. And trees give us everything from food to shelter to the many responsibly sourced plant-based ingredients in Barenaturals products. To say thank you and to do their bit for the planet, Barenaturals aim to plant 10 million trees around the world, rescuing ecosystems damaged or destroyed by deforestation and teaching people to respect their forest and their planet.

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