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Remember the true spirit of Christmas? How its supposed to be all about family coming together, peace on earth, love and goodwill to all?

Well, we have come up with what we think is a pretty cool contender for a gift that meets all the Christmas criteria.

How about getting your hands on the brightest of all candles for Xmas? Bright, because each shiny one is a little beacon of hope for areas of the world affected by deforestation. Each candle plants a tree that lasts for many lifetimes, provides home and shelter for many, enriches the earth and the air and a whole heavenly host of other things!

If you are looking for a really special thing to give this festive season, take a proper gander at Barenaturals new Christmas range, available from our shop or our Amazon UK store. Read on for a recap of the reasons why its the ultimate gift.

Plant trees with barenaturals

All our products plant trees!

We’ve put together a nice infographic (it’s the one below), that helps cut away the info overload to get right down to basics.

Here you’ll learn what it’s all about to buy a Barenaturals world friendly product and how your purchase affects the world for good. And, if you are buying for someone special? remember its the gift that keeps on giving! A Christmas gift within a gift.

Your choice creates a legacy

So far the Barenaturals family, (thats what we call our customers) have helped plant thousands of trees. This is done with their choices to buy conscious consumables rather than throwaway things And with every purchase we all get closer to our goal of planting 10 million trees.  We can’t thank our customers enough.

So, to help you understand why candles are good for you and good for the world too, we have knocked up a little infographic (and please feel free to share!)

Barenaturals candles UK infographic

info-graphic-candles barenaturals

Infographic that shows everything you need to know about Barenaturals Natural Candles UK 

Interested what our partner does with your choice? take a look at The Eden Projects here.

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