Darcey Croft


As founders of Barenaturals we have always believed that business should be created with a strong purpose and values. Being social creatures we wanted to build a business that engages many people and makes the world a little bit better because of the actions of our community.

The idea that we could save the world, initially started with tongue in cheek humour. Like most of us, we didn’t really believe we could effect change, we are so small and the world and its problems are so big. So enormously big. Huge in fact, that it is reasonable to say ‘why bother trying its only a waste of time’

Barenaturals top ten world issues

However I am lucky to have been blessed with, (as a well meaning relative said once, in order to keep my feet on the ground), ‘delusions of imagination’ which actually means I have an enjoyable time thinking up ways to get in and out of madcap adventures, scrapes and plans to save the world.

And, early this year after discounting plans that involved NASA, jetpacks and capes. David and I settled on the stunningly simple idea of planting trees, it was so simple that even I could not complicate the idea that for every product we sell, we plant a tree. Eventually the trees become forests and world friendly ecosystems. Keeping safe and providing habitats, food and security for many creatures and not only that, the air will be refreshed, the earth enriched and anchored. Abundance will flow forth as nature intended.

We immediately set up our non profit The World Friendly Foundation to take care of the plan and as is the case when the universe is in agreement, partners and opportunities leapt into our line of vision.

One of these partners is the Eden Reforestation Project, who does incredible work around the globe alleviating poverty caused by deforestation, planting trees, sponsoring local families and providing jobs to look after the newly planted trees. We immediately said yes to helping them and committed a tree from each of our products. In return we will share the amazing work this supports them to do.

Barenaturals partners with Eden Reforestation Project

Barenaturals was always created with conscious consumerism in mind, but whereas before it was based on message and awareness of issues. Now we have incorporated direct world saving action into our candles and balms. Now they are truly world friendly and unique because they give back more to the world than they take. Each purchase plants a tree and supports job creation for some of the poorest people on the planet to care for them. My call to action today is to ask you to help me spread the message so we can plant more trees.

It is our dream and first goal to plant 10 million trees. After that who knows, my imagination is limitless and you can only encourage me!

The easiest way to do this is share this post and buy a world friendly Barenaturals candle from our store. It is your intentions and your actions that cause a tree along with hope to be planted and lives saved. Together you and me can shine a light for this world. We can be superheroes after all.

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