Darcey Croft

Choose Light. Choose Life

“Small lights have a way of being seen in a dark world.”

We believe that the best way to brighten the place you live in is to be a source of light. And that's why for every candle we plant ten trees and support the inhabitants and communities that live in and near the forests.

If you like the idea of letting your light shine and illuminating your life as well as the lives of those you care about. Join our mission to reforest trees. Because, for someone somewhere, it makes a whole world of difference.

Each candle from Barenaturals that you purchase directly funds ten seedling trees in forest nurseries throughout Madagascar, Indonesia and Nepal. We work with the Eden Reforestation Project, a non-profit who ensure all support from our candles goes right into the heart of the matter.

And, because Eden Reforestation Projects are able to keep their overhead costs low, they are now recognised as one of the most cost-effective reforestation projects on the planet. This is why we choose them to partner in our mission.

If you want to join in and be a part of our mission to help reforest the world, it's as easy as lighting a candle!  Choose light, choose life and be a force for nature. Shine on forever.   


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