Darcey Croft

Council Cuts Down A Man's 30-Year-Old Pepper Tree That He'd Grown From A Baby. He Avenges Its Death Without Mercy

What would you do if the council killed one of your most loved trees, and gave you the bill for it?

That’s what happened to one man in the US, but although he may have lost his friend, a pepper tree named Clyde, he most certainly is set to win over time. Because unknown to the powers that be, the man had a perfect way to avenge the death of his tree friend that he had nurtured for the past 30 years. What shape did his revenge take? Read on to find out. He recently shared his story online, and it’s since been read over 850k times.


If you're not familiar with how a giant sequoia tree looks like - take a gander:

Giant Sequoia Tree - Barenaturals blog

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