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Need Some Christmas Gift Inspiration? Take A Look At These Ethical Gift Ideas!

As it 'Tis’ the season for goodwill and with Christmas Day approaching fast. The Barenaturals team have handpicked a few Christmas stocking gift ideas to inspire you.

Gift ideas we admire for their world friendly missions. Because what is more delightful than giving and receiving beautiful, delicious and memorable Christmas gifts full of goodwill and kindness to others this Chrismas!

First up, who do you know that would love...

Burnt Sugar Chocolate Fudge - £3.99

Almost nothing tastes as Christmassy as sweet, sugary chocolate fudge. It’s delicious and it makes you feel all nice and warm inside. With this fudge, you can feel that little bit of extra warmth knowing that you’re giving a present to people around the world this festive season by helping farmers in Malawi to get a fair price for their sugar and dig wells to source clean water for their families.

The company is also carbon neutral, ensuring that the air Father Christmas flies through is just that little bit cleaner.

BareNaturals Fresh Snow Scented Candle - from £15.99

Barenaturals fresh snow candle

Is someone you know dreaming of a white Christmas? Even if the snow doesn’t fall this year, you can make their dreams come true with Bare Naturals’ fresh snow scented candle, which not only brings to mind visions of sledging, snowball fights and serene white fields, but also works to fight global warming by planting trees, raising the prospect of more white Christmases in future: Ten trees are planted for every candle bought, with Bare Naturals eventually aiming to blanket the earth with as many new trees as there are flakes in a snowstorm.

These Christmas candles also come in festive candy cane and frankincense flavours as well as warming hot chocolate. Available on Amazon

Nkuku – Bequai Star Box – from £29.95

Adorned with a five-pointed star of David in brass, this stunning transparent display cabinet makes a perfect Christmas decoration as well as a great display box, or jewellery box the rest of the year. It is made in Uttar Pradesh, India by an artisan maker called Faiz, who has been able to start his own international cabinet making business with the help of Nkuku’s artisanship programme. This is fair trade taken to the next level and it means that Faiz can give to his family this Christmas and all year round.

Mekali Wool Socks by Braintree and Thought - from £15

Socks! There are always some filling the gaps in somebody’s stocking, so you might as well make them good ones. Thankfully, we have found some that are good in all kinds of ways. They’re beautifully Christmassy, they will keep toes warm during long winter nights and, most importantly, they are made the thoughtful way: The wool comes from sustainable, organic farms and is made into socks by businesses all over the world rather treated as equal partners in a two-way relationship. They’re so good that Father Christmas himself probably wears them; even the shipping is done thoughtfully to minimise the effect on the environment, which we know him and his reindeer would approve of.

No Added Sugar, Dairy Free Chocolate Snowmen - £4.95

Because you can never have too much chocolate at Christmas time, we thought we would include a second sweet gift option. This one is dairy, gluten and nut free with no added sugar. It’s suitable for vegans and fair trade labelled and it’s made up of cute, tasty little snowmen. What more could a sensitive, seasonal sweet tooth need?

Science Time Solar Helicopter - £12.99

No matter how old we are, we all remember the best toys we ever got for Christmas as kids. Now, as adults, it’s our turn to be able to give those great toys and great memories to our little ones.

This solar helicopter gives you grown-ups the opportunity to pass on a message of hope for a greener future, whilst gaining cool points at the same time. The helicopter is solar powered and made in an eco-friendly way. It also helps to teach children the importance of sustainable green sources of energy such as the one that powers it.

English Tea Shop Organic Christmas Punch Tea Tin - £4.15

Next on the list is a traditional Christmas present with a very English lilt, like Ebenezer Scrooge saying “bah humbug” or the snowman flying over rolling, snow covered hilltops. It’s a combination of probably the two best drinks to warm you up on cold winter nights and it meets the high organic, sustainable, fair trade production standards of the Soil Association, so you know that you’re doing what’s best for your gift receiver, for the producers and for the world as a whole.

This is our little bit of advice to you on how to give gifts to people, plants and animals all around the world when you buy your presents this Christmas. So maybe when your family gathers around your tree on December 25 to open gifts, there will be other families enjoying your gift around other trees thanks to you. Merry Christmas.

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