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How To Wash A Silk Pillowcase

At Barenaturals, common questions we are asked by people looking to invest in a good night’s sleep by buying our high-quality purest silk pillowcases and sleep masks is; ‘Is it easy to wash silk?’, ‘Should we use our hands or a washing machine?’ ‘or does it require dry cleaning?’


So, here's everything you need to know about how to care for a silk pillowcase 

Silk clothing is different from silk pillowcases, bedsheets, and sleep masks. Unlike silk clothing that is made with a light low momme silk fabric that requires dry cleaning, our silk pillowcases & sleep masks are made from a high-quality 22momme mulberry silk fabric that can be washed by hand or washing machine on delicates. 


Lets get that silk pillowcase looking its best again

and keep it shiny, smooth & luxurious
How to care for silk


What you’ll need to wash your mulberry silk pillowcase


1. Washer
2. Laundry bag
3. Clothes line / airer
4. Cool water
5. Gentle detergent
6. Distilled white vinegar
7. Steamer / iron


washing silk


Hand wash or machine wash?

The silk in the pillowcases and sleep masks are made with a high-quality pure mulberry silk fabric that is safe to be hand-washed or in a washing machine. If you choose to wash your silk in a washing machine, we recommend using a gentle delicates cycle while keeping the silk pillowcase or silk sleep eye mask in a mesh laundry bag to protect it from getting damaged. The usual suspects; zippers, hooks, or loops fasteners, or rough spots in the machine can leave your washed items being damaged and we need to take care not to leave our silk loveliness becoming a victim. 

If you decide to wash it by hand, avoid twisting or squeezing the silk, these can create damage to the silk fibres.


Gentle detergent

Harsh detergents are extremely harmful to silk and may cause damage to the fabric leaving them scratchy and rough and leaving that tell-tale silkiness left behind. Use something soft and gentle like a silk laundry liquid that can easily clean the fabric but also protect the fibres the best. 


How to wash a silk pillowcase

Cool water

To avoid the wearing out of fibres, never wash your silk pillowcases and sleep masks in hot or even warm water. Keep the water temperature at 30 degrees Celsius or under to ensure that the silk remains as good as new. 


Distilled white vinegar

While washing the silk, you can add some distilled white vinegar to the water rinse cycle to remove any soapy residue in the fibres leaving it silky smooth. 


Best way to wash a silk pillowcase

Air dry

The biggest mistake that most people make while washing silk is to try removing the absorbed water in silk by twisting it. This can damage the fabric and wrinkle it. The best thing is to dry your silk pillowcase on a drying rack away from the sunlight at room temperature. 


Steam or iron

After washing and drying your silk pillowcase. Bring out the glamour with a gentle steam from a handheld garment steamer. It is extremely satisfying and quickly erases any crumples or creases. If you don't have a steamer, an iron on a delicate silk setting will do the trick. For added protection, place a slightly damp cloth between the iron and silk. 


Ways to wash a mulberry silk pillowcase


Remember, investing in a Barenaturals silk pillowcase and silk sleep mask will do more to keep signs of aging at bay than expensive skin creams. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can soothe the senses & induce peaceful rest letting you wake up feeling refreshed & full of life. So it is important to wash them with care to keep you feeling comforted, timeless & glamourous night after night. 

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