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Hurray! It's World Chocolate Day!

Today is World Chocolate Day. Hurrah from us at Barenaturals!

The one day a year we can actually hit the stands, raid the shelves and go hog-wild for our favourite treat without having to feel guilty afterwards. The one day a year where it is our “Patriotic Duty”, as citizens of this spaceship we call Earth, to gorge ourselves on chocolate. Time to max out the credit cards and finally splurge on the chocolate fountain. Let’s get this party started!

Let’s talk about that majestic thing that is chocolate!

A Bit Of Chocolatey History

The word chocolate comes from two distinct roots. The whole hootenanny or the main verbal nomenclature is a two-tier construct. One level ancient Aztec, the other modern science.

From a scientific perspective, cacao beans - which were first discovered by Spanish Conquistador, Hernando Cortes - are called Theobroma Cacao.

Theobroma Cacao quite literally translates into “Food of The Gods”. The term was coined by anthropologists during the late 19th century. An on-the-nose description if there ever was one.

From a purely sociological viewpoint, the phonemic word for chocolate was crafted by the Aztecs (Xocolatl). Back in the heydays of South America, most aboriginal societies formed an economic and religious system around cacao bean. Cacao beans and products derived from them considered celestial gifts. Xocolatl, loosely translated, means of the Gods.

Chocolate has been instrumental in the way society has a function. Europeans, since 1550 - when chocolate was first introduced - have basically fought wars, colonized regions, and enslaved natives just to get a hold of that precious commodity.  

Nowadays, the chocolate industry is a worth over $110 billion per year! That’s a billion-dollar enterprise that quite frankly is pivotal to some nations economy. A billion dollar industry that supports millions of jobs, that infuses billions of tax dollars into local regions, and even grants certain countries with their identity and number one export (Belgium and Switzerland for example).

But, Chocolate’s many benefits don’t just stop at our local Chamber of Commerce’s doors. Everything about chocolate, from its natural taste - exciting buds into a frenzy - to its intimate silky veneer, is just about perfect. Under the microscope, on a chemical level, pure 100% cacao, is a breathtaking substance brimming with all sort of health benefits. Chemicals like Theobromine, Resveratrol, antioxidants and a wealth of other natural narcotics.

Mind, Body & Spirit - Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolates mystical effects - and the main reason why a Candle Business like ours is so keen on the substance - aren’t limited to taste buds. It has been scientifically proven that chocolate can relax and stimulate endorphin levels by scent alone. Just smelling chocolate can make you happy.

Cacao products, like a scented chocolate candle, actually have the same calming effect as some drugs and pharmacological aids. The smell of chocolate can actually cause profound and soothing alterations in brain functions. Chocolate not only manages to help in the cardiovascular arena, ward off the threat of Alzheimer, promote the formation of free-radicals and protect cells, but it also finagles our brain functions.

"We mapped subject with an MRI machine while infusing the air with different smells and scents. We made a staggering discovery. Chocolate was quite a star performer in this experiment…


It seemed to make the brain go quite, scientifically, wild."

~Neil Martin, a neuropsychologist at London's Middlesex University.

When we, at Barenaturals, stumbled onto these findings we simply couldn’t wait to start our own experimentations.

After a couple of harrowing months - sacrificing our bellies “Woe unto us” and consuming countless chocolates in the name of research - we managed to create a new addition to our candle family. A new relaxing member to our already laidback tribe...

The Hot Chocolate Scented Candle.

Barenaturals Hot Chocolate Scented Candle

A candle that’s delightful, devilish and divine. Delicately placed in a mason jar and ready for action. Made with the finest ingredients and with your welfare in mind. The Hot Chocolate Scented Candle is the last line of defence against a day that just won’t quit riding your back.

Light up a Hot Chocolate candle wick, let the smooth aroma of the delicious hot cocoa beans with a hint of vanilla wave through and see those things melting off you, scaling down your back and hurrying for cover...

they’re called worries

Back spawn of evil

The power of chocolate compels you!

With all that said and our narrative coming to a close, we simply have to highlight the fact that something as trivial as a chocolate candle, or an opened Lindt bar by the night table, can have a profound change in your sleep cycle. After a hard day working, there’s nothing more soothing (with far fewer calories ) than The Hot Chocolate Scented Candle.

Chocolate, from every point of view, is “the food of the gods”.

All of these are the reason, plus dozens more, why, once a year, like clockwork, we celebrate World Chocolate Day. It is also the reason, why in honour of that day, that we at Barenaturals have decided to launch our very first The Hot Chocolate Scented Candle.

So, from all of us at Barenaturals,

Let’s give chocolate its just dessert.



Author: Max Longstone
person of letters, parodist. Published Author and Staff Writer. maxlongstone.com

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