Darcey Croft

London Permaculture Festival

Today sees us at the 2018 London Permaculture Festival. A growing festival celebrating and encouraging sustainability. 

As part of the Festival Barenaturals will join around 40 organisations (permaculture projects, community groups, sustainable green build organisations, community gardens, community food growing schemes, companies selling recycled/sustainable products, fair trade and indigenous crafts, environmental, wildlife, Transition and other groups) to promote ethical and sustainable crafts, services and goods. 

A novel and brilliant idea from the organises. The festival operates a ‘cake currency’ where enterprises like ourselves pay in cakes for the privilege of showing up! The cakes are then shared for public consumption and to raise money to help cover the costs of the festival.

If you are in the area or fancy a day trip come along and say hi to us. There is a great choice in workshops and things to do and see. Take a look at their website for more info. 







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