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Making Lighter Work of Reforestation

With a new boat house for our tireless tree planters sweating it out in the Malagasy Mangrove swamp

Planting 2.5million mangrove trees every month is not as easy as digging a hole (not that has ever been easy!). In the estuaries and bays where the Mangrove trees do essential work of maintaining water levels, protecting against floods and soil erosion, the success of planting depends on good access by water. 

The Malagasy Mangrove tree planters use canoes and boats funded by supporters of the Eden Reforestation Project, like customers of Barenaturals. And these boats make the success of reforesting this critical ecosystem possible. 

However until recently, each evening when the boats returned home to port at Mahjanga Harbor. Tired workers would remove the heavy motors from the boats and for protection carry them along with essential gear to safe inland storage sites. After a full day reforesting the Madagascan Mangrove Swamps that’s a job no-one would relish!

Malagasy Mangrove Tree Planters

Fast forward to this month, thanks to the Eden Reforestation Project and partners like Barenaturals this is no longer an issue. New secure boat housing has been built. Now our tireless tree planters can finish their important work, easily store the motors and gear, only feet away from the dock, ready for the next day. Simple solutions like this mean they get home sooner, spend more time with their families and get extra well earned rest. 

Barenaturals and Eden Projects Madagascar

We are very proud of all who buy a Barenaturals World Friendly Candle and who support the ability to make things easier and more efficient for all the dedicated tree planters in Madagascar. Well done you.

Grateful to all our customers!

Want to know how you be a part of our reforestation movement? Click Here and join us lighting up your world. 

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