Darcey Croft

Shssh.. Wanna know a Secret of Beautiful Skin?

The experts know it, the beauty industry knows it and celebrity icons know it. Find out for yourself one of the best kept secrets in the beauty industry to boost a radiant healthy and beautiful skin.

Apart from being a classy sensual fabric, a Barenaturals Silk Pillowcase  decreases friction for your skin and hair and banishes the subtle irritation and damage to the cells that other pillowcases create. This translates to your skin being comforted like a lullaby while you rest.

In fact, people who snooze on silk are much less prone to acne and breakouts than those who choose cotton or polyester blended covers. Some dermatologists go as far as including them as a part of their treatment process.

The science is simple here. Cotton soaks all the dirt, grime, oil and moisture from your face, creating a swamp micro bacterial - eugh! And, leaving your skin dry and under attack from these pesky micro monsters.

In contrast, Barenaturals pillowcases are antimicrobial AND hydrophobic. This means it repels the bacteria while letting you keep all the lovely hydrating moisture in your skin, keeping your skin acid-mantle ph as perfectly balanced as a primer ballerina.

Whichever way you care to sleep, on your side, stomach or back the magic works and keeps on building benefits of natural protection and defence to your skin and hair - all night long baby.

Additionally, since your face is cradled in frictionless organic silk, the chances of waking up with sleep creases are almost zero. It nurtures and smoothes wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, quite literally turning sleep time into quality repair time for any overworked smile lines and crows feet.

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