Darcey Croft

The Rise Of The Man Candle - demand keeps getting bigger and bigger

If you didn't know it, the scented Mandle is a thing. At Barenaturals we see demand growing bigger and bigger on a daily basis. With men fast rising up to be a significant percentage of our customers.

Gone are the times when a nice scented candle was a girl best secret. Men all over the UK are grasping hold of the primal nature of fire and soothing scents from hot melting wax. To relax and release daily stresses after a hard days grind.

Top scented candles for men from Barenaturals in 2018

By a clear mile, the winner so far is Hot Chocolate. Second up - gonna make you smile, men are lighting up for Booty Bay and then Paradise island comes a close third best scent. 

It will be interesting to see which part of the country sparks up the Booty! kicks back in Paradise or chills with the Hot Chocolate. We're watching these mandle stats with interest!  

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