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How do you stop bed head? - Tips and tricks on waking up without dreaded bed head.

Say 'Good Bye!' to bad hair day.

Say 'hello' to a better morning!

Here's some fool-proof bed head beauty tips for you to save yourself from bad hair days.
Tired of waking up with messed-up hair every morning? Sick of waking up with a feeling that your hair went out for a drunken night of partying and didn't even send you the invite? 

No one wants to wake up with bedhead where your hair has gone crazy for the rest of the day, but we have all been there. The worst part is that you can’t go back to sleep because you have to get up and go about your day and that drunken tag-along is coming with you for the ride. You can’t just throw a hat on it for the rest of the day. If all that sounds similar, you are in the right place. The key to surviving bedhead is to prevent it before it happens. 

Here are a few easy and simple tricks that you can use to stop waking up with messed up hair -


Bed Head tips for saving you from a bad hair day


  • Sleep with dry hair 

Sleeping with damp or wet hair is a guaranteed way of catching bedhead the next morning. If you are one of those people who take a shower in the evening or before bedtime, make sure to dry your hair thoroughly before you sleep. Sleeping with wet hair make your hair flat, sticky, and tangled overnight and make them look as if a firecracker went off on your head. So dry your hair completely with a dryer and gentle towel before you hit your pillow. 
Few know there is a science in blow drying your hair and the perfect hair dry is no accident

  • Comb your hair 

Try a brushing regimen for your hair before you go to bed. Combing your hair before sleeping helps in getting rid of any excess product in your hair, improves hydration, and smoothens your locks. So you won’t wake up with frizzy and messy hair for sure. 

  • Use a silk pillowcase

Rough pillowcases made from the wrong material can make you sweat more, cause a lot of friction, and can negatively impact your hair quality. Silk pillowcases lock in moisture for not only your face, but your hair too, leaving both feeling amazing come the morning. Silk pillowcases are soft and cause less friction hence you’ll wake up with gorgeous, flawless skin that looks youthful.  

Now we just hit on the subject, don't forget getting a good nights sleep stops that all important night time tossing and turning. We have our Barenaturals silk mask to help get that better night or days sleep also. You can check them out in our store.

  • Humidify your room

Humidity in your hair while sleeping might not be a good idea if you want to prevent bedhead the next morning. But having some moisture in the air while you sleep will help keep your hair fresh, untangled, and all-so good-looking.

  • Condition your hair tips

If you are waking up with a bedhead every morning even after trying everything on this list, your hair ends might be the main culprits in your story. Moisturize the ends of your hair instead of your roots every night before you sleep to prevent them from tangling and frizzing.

If all else fails? Maybe your hair tips need some serious TLC. Don't forget a haircut could also be on the cards soon.

So say goodbye to the horrific morning hair and give yourself something to smile about the next time you check out your reflection in the morning.


Main Photo by Sherise VD

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