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7 Easy Ways To Make Your Earth Hour Count

What Is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is the biggest direct action show of support for climate change. Last year, millions of people across the globe in 178 countries joined up to advocate and show support for action to protect our incredible Earth.

Right now, more than ever before, it’s crucial we keep on and grow support for action on climate change.

You can be part of it and to help you here are some ideas that everyone can get involved in: 

When is it?

Saturday 25th March at 2030-2130 UK time. 

How You Can Get Involved?

  1. Join up our Climate Change Buddies to find out what action is happing and how you can get involved. A clear message that you want action on climate change right now. 

    Take Action for Earth Hour

  2. Buy a Barenatuals Candle and we will plant a tree for you and the Earth.

    Whats more, right up until Sunday 26th March, type Earth Hour as your code at checkout, you will get 20% off all your purchases.

  3. Buy a candle plant a tree

  4. Switch off your lights and light your candles in a symbolic show of global support to protect our amazing planet

    Barenaturals Earth Hour

  5. Bring your friends, family or community together and organise a special Earth Hour event.

    Barenaturals Earth Hour Social

  6. Donate to our World Friendy Foundation so we can plant even more trees, our allies in combating climate change.

    Barenaturals candles plant trees

  7. Google the fantastic range of Earth Hour events in the UK, and get involved to make this the biggest and best Earth Hour yet.

    Barenaturals Earth Hour

  8. Share your Earth Hour plans on social media or
    email the team - delight@barenaturals.com and we can share for you

    Share on Social Media your Earth Hour Actions

With Barenaturals Every Hour is Earth Hour

At Barenaturals Earth Hour is every hour

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