Darcey Croft

Why candles could be the best #LifeHack on Parents Day!

July 22nd is International Parent’s Day.

A day for us to celebrate being a parent and our own parents. And, if you are at the end of your wick trying to come up with the perfect present for them. Then boy, do we have the answer for you!

Let me set the scene

You phone your parent, early morning, and wax lyrical with them.
A simple chat, but it means the world.
You invite them for some lunch.
A cream tea in that fancy hotel in your town or perhaps an impossible burger on a rollercoaster. A walk in the park to feed the ducks (but not bread; it can upset their stomachs).
You revisit childhood memories.
Then your house; you are crafting miso-grilled aubergine with pickled cucumber followed by filled and baked butternut squash. The meal is delicious. You send them home with a bottle of bubble bath and their new favourite book. They are going to relax tonight.
You just created the perfect day.
But, something is nagging at you.
It was not the perfect day, was it? Something is missing, and you know exactly what it was.
Candles! (And oxygen, but we’ll get to that).
Let’s revisit

How much brighter would their bubble bath have been if they had had a simple candle, with a hint of Blueberry & Vanilla?
How much more illuminated would your dinner have been, with the aroma of a Summer Meadow?
How special would the ducks have felt if you were holding a candle as you fed them some oats, seeds, or lettuce (yes, even lettuce is better than bread)? Even the roller coaster ride would have been cool with a candle, but it may not have stayed lit on that big loop.

Do you remember the phone call?
You called your parent in the morning to wax lyrical (ha, I bet you didn’t even know that the candle puns had started yet), well, that comment about how you are not yet married, or don’t have a cool job like your sister, or how you need to stop talking about ducks, had you at the end of your wick (wait, I used that one already).
What would have kept your anger from flickering?
Well, how about an Aromatherapy Candle from barenaturals.com?


Candles are not only the greatest life hack which this world has ever seen, but they are also the greatest gift that you can ever give.

Try to think of a time when a candle would not have made a good day into a great day?

Try to think of a time when a relaxing evening would not have been more relaxing with a candle?

How many gifts do you wish you could take back and replace with a candle?

Barenaturals Candles melt people’s hearts like the wax melts in, well, a candle.

So, the next time you are struggling for the perfect gift, struggle no more. Re-kindle your passion for gift giving and set the world alight with your zeal. Let your love burn bright for all to see. Be the hero the world deserves, and gift someone a Barenaturals candle.

Oh, wait, the oxygen!

For every Barenatuals candle you buy, they will plant ten trees. More trees means more oxygen in the world. More oxygen means more life. Think about the ducks! (And the people).

Rise up and save a birthday!

Save an anniversary!

Save Christmas!

Save the world!!

Next time you gift a candle, make it a Barenatuals candle and gift something back to this humble planet we call home.

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