About BN

About us

Barenaturals was created by myself, Darcey Croft and David Bryans. To provide a way for people to positively impact the world through consumer products.

Our idea stemmed from watching (like everyone else), the constant news onslaught of ecological and environmental disasters, along with ever-increasing rates of disease and poverty. And, comforting as it was to believe someone else was doing something about it there was a nagging doubt this wasn't enough.

Perhaps it's the reason why we rally behind people who are busy challenging the status quo. Because aside from being nice, this way fits in neatly with all our schedules without too much effort. And, after realising that we were the cheerleaders and not the doers, we knew we had to step up. It wasn’t that we were tired of wanting to do something, we were tired of giving in to the belief that we were too insignificant to make a difference. If the world needs anything right now it’s for people to stand up and do something and we wanted to become these kinds of people.

But even with a good idea. Like most others, struggling day to day with bills, responsibilities and demands of everyday life meant that whatever we did would not have much impact or, make any kind of significant difference. We realised there must be many others just like us who feel the same way.

So after a long heart to heart, sitting under a big oak tree if I recall. We dreamt up a way for people, lots of people, who like us want to make a difference but who are under the illusion they cannot. Our dream was to bring together a collection of small consumer actions that become seeds of positive impact growing together to bring about enormous positive change. We decided on the iconic significance of a candle would be a good product to start our mission with, and the most impact a small candle could affect would be with the planting of trees.

Symbols of light and hope mean every time a customer buys a Barenaturals candle, not only does it bring light into their life but they get to support ten trees to be planted in areas of reforestation. This simple act of individual choice results in the engagement of communities who take pride in their growing forest and repairing natural habitats. Economy, along with dignity, hope and the ability to feed families return with training and employment from seedling nurseries and tree planting. Animals flourish in their natural habitats. Flooding and desertification threats decrease. And, the quality of air improves - for all of us.

Through our small dream, we can now offer choice to individuals, to use their purchase power of Barenaturals candles to make a positive impact and significant difference to the earth. All without breaking a stride from their normal routine.

If more manufacturers and brands begin to consider the consequence of their products and create positive impact products. We will be able to reverse engineer the causes of poverty, cancer, cruelty, disease, economic and environmental disasters - all of which can be attributed to the mass consumption of human products. Then we can begin to repair the 'dents in the universe' that we have all contributed to.

In fact, a few thoughtful purchases by a lot of free-minded people can quickly amount to a collective consciousness and a whole world of goodness.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

Dr Suess, The Lorax