Company Culture & Ethics


  • We create world friendly products for healthy mind, body and spirit
  • Our products will collaborate with the natural world
  • We will encourage people to have adventures, big or small
  • We support natural miracles that are abundant within & without each of us
  • We embrace positivity and the passion of life. And defend its right to awesomeness, at all times
  • We nurture compassion and empathy
  • Oh and.. We will plant a great big forest that will be home to multitudes of life.


There has been some debate here in our office. Somewhat heated debate on how much detail is needed to describe the start of Barenaturals.

If you read the Why Behind Barenaturals you’ll find out about the seeds that were sown many years before. But what it wont tell you is our struggles and challenges since then, to bootstrap a brand from a tiny idea to fledgling with scrappy feathers.

Maybe logic would have had us stop many times over. But the trouble with stopping is our absolute belief in our vision that we can make a difference and unite others who realize they can change the world one ethical purchase at a time.

And so from the time we realised the world was in need of a few extra friends, to researching toxic effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on the development of babies at Kings College London, to winning a best new business award and working eye wateringly hard. We wont stop and the universe knows this now. We are Barenaturals and we are out to save the world.

Stay in touch and find out how we get on!


From the day we are born we learn. We take as a given that the sky is blue, the sun is yellow and rain is wet. So there is some comfort in the knowledge that your skin is a complete barrier to anything you put on it. Wait, what… its not!

Depending on what research you read will depend on how seriously you take the links between exposure of certain synthetic chemicals to physical and mental illnesses.

We believe erring on the side of caution, taking a ‘just in case’ stand point. This means we don’t use these chemicals in our products so that your mind and body stays in harmony with its natural inclination towards health.


We are flummoxed why these words exist. But as they tragically still do, we would like to formally state:

Barenaturals vehemently oppose animal testing in all forms (apart from willing human participation).

We will not sell our products in countries that insist that we test our products on animals.

We do not buy ingredients from suppliers who test on animals.

We wholeheartedly support any campaign, person or action preventing and stopping the unnecessary and barbaric industry that kidnaps, tortures and murders sentient beings for cosmetic, commercial (or any other) use.


There is no greater threat to both animal welfare and climate change than the massive growth of industrial agriculture. We support and promote whenever we can plant based diets and organic farming.

We recognise all animal species as fellow earthlings. They share the the same emotions as us, the same family bonds of love, joy, excitement, compassion & happiness. We feel time is long overdue to bring an end to the slavery of animals and here at Barenaturals we stand with everyone else who feels the same. Therefore, we do not see them as resources and consumables.


‘If the Oceans die, we die’ this is a quote from Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson and Barenaturals certainly do not want that to happen in any lifetime.

Therefore, all of our packing is created with the end in mind, both the end packaging lifecycle and the end of the world! We give ourselves a real headache about this, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Whilst we can’t clean up the oceans (just yet), we can make sure we don’t contribute to the mess.

In our quest for low impacting packaging, we exhaust every idea to minimise if not completely eradicate the use of plastics in our packaging. Our soap wraps (that look like plastic bags) are actually made from a patented vegetable fiber! And our boxes are eco friendly and biodegradable and the aluminum tins we use are extremely recyclable.

We welcome packaging suggestions and innovations, so if you have invented world friendly materials get in touch with us.